Moose Chat

Moose Chat: Christmas Movies

December 14, 2016

Christmas day is drawing near (less than two weeks away!) which means it’s the season for films set during, around and about the holidays. The Moose have gathered to discuss their favorite […]

Bad Movies w/ Brad

Bad Movies with Brad: A Special Life Day

December 12, 2016

Happy Holidays Killer Moose readers! And an especially happy one to all of you who join me in the dingy corner in the back where we keep the bad movies. You’ve […]


The Moose on Arrival

November 28, 2016

Arrival came out on November 11th and is still in theaters! Hanna When I’m pitching Daniel Abraham’s series The Dagger and the Coin to a new reader, I inevitably say: “And […]


Moose Chat: Downplaying Hate

November 14, 2016

These are the underplayed hates of our lives. Those pieces of media or artists that drive us nuts, but which, in polite conversation, must be deferred to for their “place in […]

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