Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Spacetime”

+10 for not changing the future +15 for silly Matrix coat

In which Damian and Hanna chat about the latest episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with all the spoilers.

A brief recap: Fitz explains time when Daisy glimpses the future and sets out to try to change it. Andrew turns into Lash, for reals this time. Evil Ward Neo Ward inspires fear with black coats and sucking the flesh off of humans.


Hanna: It was a good episode! Yay!

Damian: A lot better than the last three. Although… Where was Mack?

Hanna: Huh. Mack randomly disappeared again.

Damian: That’s strange, right?

Hanna: Yup. No explanation. He just randomly isn’t there. Well. That aside. We have an episode with time hijinks —

Damian: — Seeing the future —

Hanna: — where they made time fixed and unchangeable! Fitz gets a great speech about how time time already is and you can’t change it, and then they actually can’t change it!

Damian: So… overview: What do we have this episode?

Hanna: We have our three plots: Daisy meets an Inhuman that gives her a vision of the future. They spend time tracking that down and trying to change it, even though they can’t. Ward’s getting more powerful.

Damian: And sort of taking over this branch of Hydra.

Hanna: And we get the conclusion of May and Andrew. What did you think of the main plot of “Spacetime”?

Damian:  I thought it was good. I agree that Fitz’s explanation was pretty cool. Everyone’s talking about how to change time and he just says that they can’t. Now that they’ve see it, it’s done.

Hanna: Sort of implied is the idea that the reason they think they could change time is science fiction. So I liked that in a science fiction show they let the characters be influenced by science fiction ideas. It was meta and I liked it.

Damian: They handled it well. Daisy has a vision of Coulson shooting her and they explain it.

Hanna: Yup. And we have poor baby Lincoln with blood all over his face, but we understand why he wasn’t killed. Any other cool moments you want to mention from that storyline?

Damian: Yeah, I thought the training for the future was kinda cool. They were able to see the situation they were going to be in and train May for it specifically. Of course it didn’t work out the way they were thinking. But when Daisy is finally in the scene, the fighting is reminiscent of the second season fight when she’s saving Lincoln. Not as good, but some similarities. Those were my favorite parts.

Hanna: I’m happy they know about Ward now!

Damian: That was a fun part too.

Hanna: The lead in was nice too. We knew whose shoulder it was in the security footage and it would have been annoying to keep that from the heroes.

Damian: When he turns around on the screen and we snap back to the faces of the SHIELD agents. Everybody except Lincoln has an expression of shock and Lincoln goes “is that Ward?” That was great.

Hanna: Yes. A “shit just got weirder” moment. So that leads us into Ward/Hive? What do we think of that?

Damian: Coat is a little over the top.

Hanna: A bit Matrix-y.

Damian: I think he’s good. It’s still the same actor, but he’s getting to do something a little different. He’s appropriately villainous. I like that Malick is becoming slowly unbalanced. He’s not just jumping into being something different. He’s losing control, but not all at once.

The only thing that bothered me was the weird vague way that Charles died. It was odd. Malick grabbed him by the throat, but he must have stopped before he did real damage because afterwards he and Daisy have a conversation. Daisy seems to have saved Charles. Then he rolls over and dies. It was oddly shot. It didn’t really work.

Hanna: Murdered by plot. Okay. And Andrew/May?

Damian: Well, it was convenient and the lynchpin that forced Daisy to be where she needed to be. I never liked Andrew as a character much, I thought this was the most effective I’ve seen him. He seemed genuine. I liked things like May questioning whether she was talking to Lash or Andrew and, he just doesn’t know. He was very matter of fact about it. I think this is best I’ve seen him. It was a good performance. I liked that Lash and Andrew were so intertwined,

Hanna: I think that one of the problems with Lash was always that he had a weirdly fast turnaround. When that reveal came, it felt sort of forced. Giving the character some space meant that when he came back it felt much more natural. I think that’s part of why he works better.

Damian: I think the writing was better for him.

Hanna: That helps. Sure.

Damian: I also thought that May was better. I haven’t cared about them together, but I thought this was pretty good and fairly effective. I know that you didn’t. You thought it was too much like the Kirk/Spock thing.

Hanna: Oh. Yeah… So whenever you have someone effectively dying behind a glass window, and both people put their hands to the glass it reminds me of Wrath of Khan.

Damian: I don’t think Star Trek gets a monopoly on that, but I will concede that that’s a well known version image.

Hanna: Especially with the sanitized, high-tech background. If you are going to go for that, it has to be all the way.

Damian: I thought it was fine.

Hanna: It tossed me out of the scene and I was laughing when I shouldn’t have been.

Damian: Yeah. They could have done other things. Both her hands on the glass or something. Actually, it might be a missed opportunity for more acting.

Hanna: Might warrant a bit more of a break down?

Damian: Yes. Definitely. Missed opportunity. It didn’t bother me, but I see your point. Ward’s stuff was fine. I like that Malick’s security has defected.

Hanna: The “I’m with Hive” moment was good.

Damian: Have they called him ‘Hive’?

Hanna: I’m not sure. The internet is calling him that.

Damian: I’m just going to call him Evil Ward. Though, I liked Skeletal Ward.

Hanna: Wait… Neo Ward!

Damian: Ha. Okay.

Hanna: Anyway! I’m excited! It was better!

Damian: Even Lincoln was marginally better. I didn’t like him threatening Coulson, but he was more bearable.

Hanna: He might have Skye syndrome. He’s most annoying when he is with Daisy or Coulson. Maybe he’ll be less annoying with Fitz or Mack.

Damian: Who is gone. For no reason.

Hanna: Yeah… that’s weird.

Damian: Bring back Mack!

Hanna: Yes! Bye everyone!

Hanna and Damian will return next week to discuss the next episode of Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D.