Quick Take: Rogue One Teaser

Wait... When's the next movie coming out? Why are we-- Nevermind. STAR WARS!

You may recall that we had some serious feels when it came to The Force Awakens, some pertaining to the trailer and poster. So as we move once more into the season of hype, we get this:

Cole: IT’S BEAU– I CAN’T– WHAT– Sorry. Can’t word right now. I’m gonna be over here in the corner crying nerd tears of Star Wars happiness.

Hanna: Wait. Is this actually going to be darker? Or is it just the trailer? Also the clothes! And Donnie Yen! But especially the Imperial clothes! … Anyone want to play Imperial Assault?

Clarice: “This is a rebellion, isn’t it? I rebel” is a terrible intro line. But it’s all pretty. And I am all about dramatic white capes! …Mostly I’m excited about dramatic white cape dude.

Brad: I can’t wait to watch the trailer a million more times and scrutinize every single frame of it while I spend the next 8 months constantly excited.