Quick Take: Doctor Strange Teaser

Make way for Benedict Cumberfists! ... Cumberbeard? Cumbercape? Cumberstrange? (I can keep going, guys)

The first teaser trailer for Doctor Strange was released last night, darlings!

Enough preamble! Without any more ado, here it is:


Hanna: That looks about as trippy as I was hoping it would.

Brad: I’d never thought I’d say this but Tilda Swinton looks way less weird than I expected.

Cole: It looks crazypants, is full of awesome actors & cool effects but I still wonder about its relevance to the larger MCU as they’ve so far constructed it.

Clarice: Sooo it’s kind of like The Matrix and Inception had a baby in a hallucinogenic magical universe and that baby is bearded Cumberbatch and bald Tilda Swinton…?


That all said… Other important things to keep in mind: