Oscar Derby Update: Producers Guild Awards

Wait... the movie from the guy who directed Step Brothers?

The Producers Guild Awards were held on Saturday (the 23rd), and the results are showing that this may indeed be a more interesting race than I was willing to believe…

To many people’s surprise The Big Short was the one that left with the top producer’s prize. (Producers: Brad Pitt & Dede Garner, Jeremy Kleiner)

Adam McKay’s star-riddled movie about the 2008 housing collapse has been gaining some significant steam, but this is a major coup for it. Why do you ask?

Answer: The Producers Guild Awards are the first of our guild awards. And the guild awards, while being kind of boring, are the best indicators by which to judge how various Academy voting pools are voting. Not only that, but the guild awards can change films’ momentum trajectories in a funny way.

For instance: ever since Best Picture expanded to more potential nominees in 2009, no film has won the Oscar that had not previously won the PGA (save that fun piece of trivia for your Oscar party!) Previously what were early critical / awards favorites like 2010’s Social Network and 2014’s Boyhood lost the PGA and saw attention shift to eventual Oscar winners King’s Speech and Birdman, respectively. And in 2013 12 Years a Slave and Gravity tied at the PGA, with 12 Years a Slave being the eventual Oscar winner.

So up-til-now critical favorite Spotlight could be sitting with some interesting company come February 28th. Especially since it has the most similar audience appeal as The Big Short.


The other motion pictures awarded:

Inside Out for Outstanding Producer of Animated Theatrical Motion Picture (Producer: Jonas Rivera)

Amy for Outstanding Producer of Documentary Theatrical Motion Picture (Producer: James Gay-Rees)

And if you’re interested in the tv side of things as well, you can view a full list of the winners here. Personally, I’m delighted with the awards for Fargo and Last Week Tonight.


Coming up next is the Screen Actors and Directors Guild awards which could muddy these waters even further.

I’ll see you again for the SAGs first. The award show itself is on Saturday the 30th, and so I will see you that Monday, February 1st! Until then, keep watching movies!