Oscar Bait Bingo!

Alcohol optional

For those of you following the Oscar Derby, we wanted to give you something to add to your movie going experience. So we’ve made you Bingo Cards using this nice little generator over here.


If you do want to make your own with the generator, you can use our list below.

Enjoy, my dears! (Responsibly, please)

A single tear,Wearily sitting on bed,Staring at own reflection,Sitting alone at bar,Drugs!,Confession (drunken or otherwise),Woman used as motivation,Woman soothes a man’s ego,Overt racism,Overt sexism,Tearful appeal,“You’re not who I thought you were.”,Self-destructive behavior,Happy song / Sad action,Bawling,Funeral or wake,Reading alone in public,Voice-over,Dramatic rain,Poignant winter backdrop,Amy Adams or Jessica Chastain,Meryl.,A Dame,Random American in Brit drama,Random Brit in American drama,Nature as metaphor,Drinking from the bottle,Sad cigarette,Sad eating / Sad food,Long shot of someone walking away,A character is inspired!,Peripheral or supporting character dies,Staged removal of glasses,Contemplative traveling,Character in shower or bath,Loveless marriage,Divorce!,Single parent,Tragic death of a spouse (off screen),Flashback to happier times,Time-jump Epilogue,Time-jump,Prologue,Opening text,Epilogue text,It’s historical! (kinda!)