November Kickstarter Roundup

Also known as: Slippers, Comics and Gods, Oh My!

And somehow, inexplicably, October is a week gone and we find ourselves in the midst of November. To help you through the shock of how quickly we are rushing towards 2017 we have this month’s Kickstarter Roundup where we gather together those projects up for backing on Kickstarter that we’ve been eyeing with interest and desire.


Conserve Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers


The Smithsonian is raising money to help conserve and restore Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz. The campaign still has over a week left and has announced a stretch goal: addition funds raised at this point will not only be in aid of the ruby slippers but the costume worn by the Scarecrow in the film as well!

Contribute to this campaign to help preserve these beautiful examples of historical film costume.

Follow along on social media with #KeepThemRuby!

Base Pledge: $1

Project Ends: November 16th, 2016


Mythic Battles: Pantheon


Do you love Greek Mythology? Do you love battle games? Do you love miniatures? Then you should go check out the Kickstarter campaign for Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

Take on the role of the gods of Olympus as they battle with the once imprisoned Titans who have escaped from Tartarus. You can play tactical battles against other players or play through various scenarios and campaigns. With gorgeous artwork and an array of miniatures this game is definitely worth checking out!

Base Pledge: $99

Project Ends: December 1st, 2016


Letters for Lucardo


An erotic graphic novel by Noora Heikkilä exploring the realities and death and undeath in a story about the love between a mortal and an immortal. As the word erotic implies, this a story with adult themes and is intended for people over the age of eighteen.

This Kickstarter is for the first volume of a planned four volume series. The story about love endangered by mortality sound beautiful and the artwork is gorgeous. Check out the Kickstarter page for the full details and a ten page sample of the graphic novel!

Base Pledge: $8 (ebook), $15 (print)

Project Ends: November 23rd, 2016