Meet the Killer Moose

HANNA  (aka Mama Moose)

Nerd Wheelhouse: fantasy lit / game thingies / trivia (especially of the historical, geographical, and weaponry-related variety)

Biggest Geek Blindspot: pre-2000s anything (exception: books)

Background: Games / Writing

Hanna is a freelance game writer and editor. As a kid, she made up stories and coerced her sister and friends (real and imaginary) into being characters in them. Now she’s grown up (ostensibly) and she’s still badgering people to make things with her. She’s travelled in 35 countries, spoken at the Queerness and Games Conference and written for various mobile social games. She believes in the internet fairies, the power of a well choreographed fight scene and that storytelling is the best.

Currently, she’s working on top secret game projects, a fantasy novel and the Killer Moose site!

You can see what else Hanna’s up to at, or follow her on Twitter.


CLARICE  (aka Ginger Moose)

Nerd Wheelhouse: film history / generalized pop culture / wine

Biggest Geek Blindspot: comics / graphic novels

Background: Film

Clarice is a writer, avid pop culture consumer, and reformed obnoxious New York film student.  Most of her childhood was spent in small rooms writing, reading, or watching hours upon hours of film and television. And to be honest — that hasn’t changed much. She loves both the fictional people who take her places in books, and the real people who craft the film & tv that take her entirely different places. She believes wholeheartedly in the spirit of sharing good wine with friends, and is continuously working to perfect her cocktail wizardry.

She has published short stories with Cicada and Vitality, and is currently seeking homes for two completed fantasy novels while she finishes a third.

You can visit her at, or find her opinionizing on Twitter.


COLE  (aka Dapper Moose)

Nerd Wheelhouse: Shakespeare / fantasy lit / random British television

Biggest Geek Blindspot: Star Trek (working on it…)

Background: Theatre

Cole is a writer by night and early mornings when not day-jobbing. Never quite satisfied with the world around him he’s been spinning tales of magic and adventure in his head and on paper for as long as he can remember. He has a BA from Royal Holloway, University of London in Drama & Theatre. While living in London he tended bar, worked in a chocolate shop and also tried his hand at careers in administration and marketing (neither stuck).

Currently he works as a bookseller, recently finished his first novel (with two more in the works) and owns far too many copies of the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

You can follow more of Cole’s interests on Tumblr or Twitter.


Brad Bio PhotoBRAD  (aka Chipper Moose)

Nerd Wheelhouse: bad movies / the 80s / comics / Star Wars

Biggest Geek Blindspot: video games

Background: The Theatre

Brad has been writing stories since he was able to string words together. Over the years he has written stage plays, audio dramas, screenplays, short stories, and a collection of extremely bad poetry. He has a BA from Otterbein University where he studied Theatre and English, that’s two pretend majors, one of which is in pretending. He has a passion for Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, and anyone who tells a serious story in the funniest way possible. He also believes that in any just world Peter S. Beagle would be considered a National Treasure.

He travels frequently between Columbus and Cleveland and is currently working on a comedy-horror webcomic, and a science fantasy novel.



Bio Photo - Jae


Queer, nerd, gamer, writer: Jae is many things.

Born deep in the suburban jungle, he was raised by television, comics, and a library card. Finding one reality wasn’t enough, he immersed himself in traveling the mean streets of Ankh-Morpork and venturing through space on the Heart of Gold. Finally, he discovered the secrets of the Dungeon Masters Guide and his destiny became clear. He began building worlds and telling stories in them. When not battling dragons or word counts, Jae curates a growing collection of tabletop games and historical cookbooks.

He lives in Ohio, and is owned by three cats.

You can follow him on Twitter.


jenny bioJenny (aka The Mighty Moose)

Jenny is a graphic designer by day and a leading authority on A Song of Ice and Fire trivia by night. Indie-wise, she’s currently beginning work on her first comic and supplies Idols of Geekdom with icons here on the Killer Moose.

You can follow her on Twitter, find her work on RedBubble and listen to her podcast: The FireandLunch PieCast.

She lives in NYC with an abundance of custom Funko Pop toys.