March Kickstarter Board Game Roundup

Dispatches from the Tabletop Trenches

Since 2009, there have been over twenty thousand game projects launched on Kickstarter, with almost seven thousand of them successfully securing funding. A significant number of those projects were tabletop games, and with scores of new campaigns being launched every week, keeping track of them all can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Killer Moose has you covered.

Each month, the vast assortment of crowdfunding campaigns will be sifted down to a handful of projects you might have otherwise missed out on. Ranging from the cute to the bizarre, as long as it’s noteworthy and looks like fun, we’ll cover the spectrum. So whether you’re new to gaming or a grizzled veteran, here’s what’s out there for March 2016.

7th Sea Update

Before I get into the swing of things, I bring you an update on the progress of 7th Sea: Second Edition’s campaign. With under two weeks to go, they’ve raised over $800,000! The amount of content they’ve unlocked is staggering, and there is a chance they could break a million dollars before their campaign ends. If you’re into pirates, swashbuckling, or settings with a massive amount of depth, definitely check it out. They even have a pledge level where you can pick up the entire collection of 7th Sea: First Edition for dirt cheap, but you have to act before March 13th. Now on to our regular round up.

littledropof poison

Little Drop of Poison

Nothing brings friends together like mutually assured assassination.

Quick and brutal card games aren’t for everyone. They’re fast, chaotic, and allies become enemies with no warning. Little Drop of Poison is a fast moving game of card based assassination. Players find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a conflict between rats and weasels, where war isn’t fought with overt violence, but with little drops of poison. Alliances will form almost as quickly as they are betrayed in the course of 15 – 30 minutes.

The game begins with randomly selecting one of the two king cards, either King Rat or King Weasel, and setting it on the table. Players each draw a card from the peasant deck, and immediately learn which side of the war they are on. Not that sides matter too much. Rats and weasels accumulate points for killing everybody, even other rats and weasels. Each player then receives two poison cards and begins plotting their friends’ demise. It requires three drops of the same color poison to take out the rat and weasel peasants, while the amount required to take out the king changes according to how many players are in the game.

Every death nets anyone that contributed to that death points, but scoring depends on whether you’ve drawn a rat or a weasel card. Players fight out each round until only one of them is left standing, and continue playing until someone has ten points. Little Drop of Poison looks to be a great party game, and is well worth the $10 backing price.  

The Vitals: Little Drop of Poison

Created By: Baksha Games

Players: 3 – 8

Skill Level: Beginner

Base Pledge: $10

Project Ends: March 26th, 2016

Ship Date Estimate: June 2016

overlords of infamy

Overlords of Infamy

Awe. It’s the cute and fluffy side of world domination.

I’ll never take over the world. Global conquest is a daunting task that requires too much effort. Fortunately there are games like Overlords of Infamy, where being evil has never looked so adorable. This game preys upon everything I love about tabletop games, combining aspects of fulfilling quests, placing tiles, and managing resources with a healthy dose of whimsy.

In Overlords of Infamy, players work towards completing nefarious plots to earn misery points. Yes, now you too can commit wanton acts of evil like blanketing the world in glitter and rewriting the laws of physics. Each player starts with their own lair and three minions, which they use to gather up enough resources to satisfy the demands of their nefarious plots! Complicating matters is the adventuring hero that arrives whenever the misery level gets too high, and will wreck your best laid evil plans. Whoever has the most misery points after a certain number of world events are triggered is the winner.

One thing to be aware of is that the art isn’t finalized yet, but the developers have stated they will be using their funding goals to improve the game’s graphic design. Does this game seem solid? Yes. Do the mechanics look sound? Yes. Does this game have a villainous corgi wearing a cape? Yup, his name is Waffles and he’s only available to backers of their campaign.   

The Vitals: Overlords of Infamy

Created By: Obscure Reference Games

Players: 2 – 4

Skill Level: Beginner

Base Pledge: $59

Project Ends: March 23rd, 2016

Ship Date Estimate: April 2017


Saloon Tycoon

Or as I like to call it, Competitive al Swearengens.

While I love games set in the Wild West, far too many of them focus on gunfighting instead of what that era was really about: real estate. Saloon Tycoon rectifies that. In a game of competitive building, players acquire tiles to expand their saloon to meet growing demands. Players not only place their expansions side by side, but also can build them on top of each other. It’s like the erecting of a tiny boom town right there on the table, without all the guns, violence, and dysentery.

In Saloon Tycoon, players take alternating turns collecting income and performing actions, although they are limited to one action per turn. Actions are comprised of either buying an expansion tile or playing one of the game’s beneficial tycoon cards. Every player has a secret objective they are working towards, as well as the communal objectives drawn at the beginning of the game. Every completed objective grants reputation points, and whoever has the most wins the game.

If it seems relatively straightforward and easy, that’s because it is. Saloon Tycoon’s mechanics look beautiful in their simplicity. The game’s tile art looks fantastic as well, and their campaign has already unlocked two small scale expansions. The designers are offering a deluxe version that includes a burlap sack of fool’s gold to be used as player income. While the aesthetic is neat, and I do love pyrite, if you’re interesting in picking this one up, I would stick with the base game. I’ll be ordering this one with my boots on.

The Vitals: Saloon Tycoon

Created By: Van Ryder Games

Players: 2 – 4

Skill Level: Beginner

Base Pledge: $40

Project Ends: March 15th, 2016

Ship Date Estimate: August 2017