Idols of Star Wars: Saint Rey

Our Patron of Dreams Fulfilled

You can find Saint Poe Part One Part One here, and Saint Finn Part Two here.

Part Three

In which we meet Rey, she meets Finn and they steal a ship together. 


Much of our tale thus far unfolds upon

The desert sands of hot Jakku. Yet all

So far were visitors. Drawn here by hope

Or crashed — most fortuitously you’ll see.


It is now time to turn our tale towards

A hero who will never call this home

But fears to leave. Scavenger,  pilot–



Abandoned here by family and trapped

By patience and by loyalty, she waits

For someone to remember her and come

To bring her home. Alas, tis not to be.

She’ll leave Jakku without her family.


Evening descends upon the dunes, and Rey

Daydreams of ships and far off friends and home.

When sudden sounds a shrill alarm: a cry

For help, a piteous metallic squeal

From over the horizon. Rey takes up

Her staff and speeds towards the sound. She finds

The droid, the little BB8, ensnared

By nets and hooks of one Teedo upon

His armored mount. Rey frees the droid and sends

The scavenger away.


Now BB8 alone

Friendlessly awaiting Poe Dameron’s

Return, turns to young Rey and asks for help.

Rey hesitates then takes the droid with her.


The sun rises upon Niima outpost,

And Rey arrives with BB8 in tow.

Recall that Finn is stranded on Jakku,

Seeking water. All grand heroic hopes

Must wait before hydration.



Afar sees Finn bedecked in Poe’s jacket

And rushes at the former trooper fast

With all the aggression it can muster.


Finn runs — disturbed by this petite assault.

After follows Rey. She knows the outpost

Better than them both and so steps up to

Unseeing Finn and clocks him with her staff.

BB8 shocks the hapless Finn and claims

The jacket as its master’s own. Now Finn

He sighs, realizing what’s occurred. He tells

The tale of losing the intrepid Poe

When he and that fair pilot did crash land.

BB8 is saddened, grieving for Poe

And for the mission it must now complete



Now Rey turns to young Finn and asks

Of him if he is of the resistance.

Caught by surprise and her admiring eye,

Finn answers yes and hopes she sees a hero.

Barely has this fateful meeting happened

But the baleful helmets of stormtroopers

Herald trouble for our new friends. The screech

Of TIEs fill up the skies and fire rains down.

Finn grabs Rey’s hand, and she protests as bombs

Explode nearby. Rey runs for a fast ship

With Finn and BB8 sprinting behind.


Fortune is full of most capricious turns.

Our heroes run for safety and freedom,

Then watch it disappear in fire and flame.


In desperation, they change direction:

An abandoned freighter is their only hope.


Rey takes the helm and Finn the guns and up

They soar into the sky. The First Order

Pursues. Rey flies with unnatural grace

And Finn fires shot after hurried shot:

Blasting the TIEs from out the skies. Teamwork

Does see them through. They flee the evil ships

And make it to the dark of open space.


But barely have they made their quick escape

When a shadow overtakes them. So Finn

And Rey hide below floor and wait to see

Who has caught up with them so oddly fast.

The doors slide open with familiar hiss,

And two old heroes climb aboard the ship:


“For many years this galaxy we’ve roamed.

But now we see twas all to find our home.”




Art is by Jenny Slife. The words are all Hanna’s fault.