Idols of Star Wars: Saint Poe

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Part One

In which our story begins and Saint Poe Dameron faces down the fallen…


Alas! That Luke — who trod the skies — is gone!

Vanished into the stars, his place amongst

Them hid from all who loved or were afraid

Of him who brought the Empire crashing down.


Risen from darkness is a new Order,

Most evil among the many shadows

Left behind by that galaxial Empire.

The Order seeks for Luke, to find and to

Destroy the last Jedi.


Yet hope appears,

In form most gracious: Leia Organa

the brave Resistance leads. And seeks as well

for her long absent brother. General

Organa strives for peace against this First

Order, and so has sent the pilot Poe

— of hair most swishy and flying most deft —

to find a path to Luke. This Poe shall do.

He looks to find an answer on Jakku.


On barren Jakku Poe now finds his clue.

In ancient hands there lies a map to Luke.

This says the old man to the pilot Poe:


This will begin to make things well again:

This map will lead to Like, and bring us fast

Towards the light. The Jedi must return.


Then comes the little BB unit nigh,

With bright alarm at enemies nearby.


With thunderous approach, on wings of iron,

The evil forces crest the horizon.

The daring Poe must leave before this foul

And wretched company arrives. He flees

The little droid in tow. Alas, too late!

An errant shot traps Poe and BB8.

Adroitly Poe gives BB-8 the map

And sends the droid into the desert night.


Then Poe returns to face horror and flames.

The village, once peaceful, in torment

And fire expires before his eyes. Against

Such power there is no hope, yet Poe aims —


But soft! A final ship approaches the place.

The wretched haven meets the architect

Of its demise. From forth this last ship comes

A scion of shadows, a fallen prince.

In black array, by mask concealed, enters

Kylo Ren.


                         Poe fires his laser blast

Towards the evil knight. His aim is true,

But villainy prevails and Ren’s power

Doth halt the shot mid air. Fair Poe is caught!

Before the dark lord handsome Poe is brought:


“I fear I’ve not been here before. Never

Have I been captured so the protocol

Is most opaque to me. Do you speak first

Or I? Pray tell, for this affected mask

Doth hinder my ability to read

The proper path that this exchange should follow.”


The tyrant, unamused, sends Poe away.

Aboard the ship he’s dragged, while Kylo Ren

The order gives that all the villagers

— of every age and species present —

Be slaughtered without mercy. It is done.


Into the sky the pilot flies — his hands

Denied the helm and bound before him firm.

Amongst his enemies Saint Poe remains

Most upright, witty, defiant and true.


But woe, dear friends! What evil misfortune

That Poe be by the First Order taken!

And what of BB8? Alone, friendless

On Jakku a little droid will attract

All manner of trouble, this we will see.

Many the trials of this galaxy!




Art is by Jenny Slife. The words are all Hanna’s fault.