Idols of Star Wars: Prayers for the Light Side

We pray to you, new saints of the skies and of the stars.

We’ve been doing The Force Awakens in blank verse this month (parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) but today we’re returning to prayers for our saints of nerdery and geekdom and a galaxy far far away. 

As always, the art is Jenny Slife and the words are all Hanna’s fault.


Saint Poe

Help us be bold.

Watch our backs when we charge into battles we may not win. Lend us your confidence when faced with bullies and help us to recognize them by their false righteousness and fear. Teach us to laugh, when most we are afraid.

Remind us that a helping hand, honestly offered — if not selflessly — is to be treasured. Give us the strength to show affection on short acquaintance. Give us the strength to be generous with our praise and with our joy.

When the sky is bright with fire and the odds look grim, let us be the optimist. Help us keep faith — that while there is light, there’s hope. And no night lasts forever.

When we are face to face with evil, be with us. Be with us and teach us to seem unafraid. For fear breeds fear and the semblance of courage breeds courage in truth.

Saint Poe, help us to be brave. Help us to be bold. Help us to serve our cause with daring and confidence and unerring aim.

Help us to fly true.


Saint Finn


Teach us to see beyond ourselves: to cut through the lies which may encircle us and comfort us. Give us the strength to choose to do the right thing — especially when it is hard.

Help us to know when someone has earned our allegiance and when they have not. Be with us when we put ourselves between a friend and danger. Be with us when we come back for those we love. Be with us when we need help and help us to ask for it.

Give us faith in the Force — even when we don’t quite understand it.

Let us be loyal. Let us be faithful. Let us value teamwork and good friends.

Saint Finn, grant us the courage to be honest. Guide us from the temptation to seem as others want us to seem. Guide us from the temptation to blindly follow and deliver us unto the arms of those who see us as a name and not a number.

Be with us, Saint Finn, and we can do this.


Saint Rey

IMG_3539We pray to you for patience and for faith. Patience in the face of long years and solitude. Faith in our friends and in ourselves and our destiny.

Be with us when we are alone.

Be with us when we realize that not all promises are kept. Be with us when we cannot understand why they are broken.

Oh patron of flying! Of dreams fulfilled! Watch over us as we chance the world at the helm or as a passenger. Stand by us and protect us from the debris of villainy.

Saint Rey, guide us when we are tempted. When power or wealth is offered to us, help us recognize its true price. Help us to recognize what is ours to sell and what belongs to others.

Help us to know what is priceless.

And at the last, when we are the last — friends fallen and far away — be with us when we choose to keep going. To stand, when we would rather run. To trust our judgment, and know the light side from the dark.


Next up are Prayers for the Dark Side.