Idols of Star Wars: Saint Rey, Continued…

Hello, Maz!

Previously… Saint Poe Part 1; Saint Finn Part 2; Saint Rey Part 3

Part Four

In which we reach a castle and Rey finds a lightsaber.


You who have heard the ancient tales of long

And noble battle fought amongst the stars

Will doubtless recognize the famed hero

Who just appeared. Han Solo, general

And smuggler both, returns unto his ship!


Now see this hero turn his face toward

The future: Rey with her pilot’s talent

And faith that here is help to carry out

Their task. And Finn — newly escaped, fighting

To find his place and stay beyond the reach

Of the First Order’s arm. See Han Solo

— Who we’ve missed, who we’ve journeyed with before —

Obscured by age and yet the same, pause for

A moment of wary reflection as

He’s caught in a most dang’rous fitful storm —



But lo! The time to talk

Is quick cut short by trouble’s arrival.  

Not one, but two fierce gangs catch up with Han.


Now we could weary you with small details

Of how these men did find Han and Chewie.

Or else perhaps of why they sought to see

The color of these two old smuggler’s blood.

Or how three Rathtars came to be aboard.

Or finally of how those same Rathtars

Did tear those gangs into edible bits.

But we’ll but pause to say that in the end    

The Rathtars feast and the Falcon escapes

With all our disp’rate heroes safe aboard.


They set a course for Maz Kanata’s home —

A place of infinite variety

and charm. A hostel for the galaxy’s

Wanderers, bandits, thieves, and travelers.


There arrived she greets them fair, as old friends,

And takes them in, but will not deliver

Dear BB-8 unto the Resistance.

She urges Han to take the droid himself:


“The fight continues, this battle betwixt

The light side and the dark. Be it Sith or

Empire dread or this new Order carrying

Forth the shadow — the fight is still the same.

This is the only fight. And we must win.”


A shadow crosses Finn. Doubt and fear stir,

For he knows the First Order far better

Than his companions could.  “We cannot win,”

Says he and knows that now’s the time for truth

And to seek out a place far far away.


Hapless is Rey to see him go: her friend

Giving up for fear of the First Order.

But go he will — or so he says — and Rey

Cannot dissuade him.


Rey watches him go,

And as he disappears something whispers…


This pull from nowhere startles Rey. It calls;

She follows. Down a winding stair she goes

And finds a long hidden treasure buried

In a chest beneath Kanata’s Castle:

A lightsaber. Skywalker’s lightsaber.

And with a cautious hand she touches it.


A dozen visions crowd her mind! They show

Her fragments of the future, past or both.

She pulls away and flees determined to

Avoid the weapon at all costs despite

This call — which heralded her destiny.


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Art is by Jenny Slife. The words are all Hanna’s fault.