Idols of Geekdom: Zoe Washburne

Saint Zoe, patron of the stoic, heroes and the Sky

The Story

You’ve heard tell, I know, of the good ship Serenity – of her captain and her crew and their adventures planetside and in the black. You know the Captain, gruff but ever a family man despite his protests. You know the peppy, flowery, effervescent Mechanic. You know the Gun, and the town they named for him. You know the Doctor and you know his Sister. You know the Lady and the Pilot.

But what, really, do you know about the Soldier: Saint Zoe?


The Prayer

Saint Zoe, we pray for proper appreciation of the understated, the stoic and the laconic. Teach us to express ourselves with few words and with clear and definitive actions. Give us a hand, as we work to step up. Teach us to see the moment and grant us the wisdom to take it.

Help us be fair and compassionate partners to people who are different from ourselves. Help us balance relationships and duty, love and loyalty. Let us recognize the value of joining forces with those different from us.

Saint Zoe, watch out for our crew. Have our backs. Have theirs. 

May we know when to follow oSaint Zoe, watch out for our crew. Have our backs. Have theirs. rders and when to remember that we are peers, friends and fellow humans — and fallible. Let us have the humility and wisdom to follow. Let us have the discernment and the confidence to lead. Let not pride blind us or trick us into thinking that anyone makes it alone.

Walk with us into battle. Catch us when we stumble. Grit your teeth with us when we crawl. Carry us when we fall.

Help us to find the right place to stand and give us courage and fortitude for our convictions. Saint Zoe, help us to be big damn heroes.