Idols of Geekdom: Saint Terry Jeffords

Patron Saint of Feelings, Family and Yogurt

Art by Jenny Slife

The Story

Saint Terry Jeffords — Sergeant of the 99th precinct of New York City and our patron of feelings, family and yogurt — is an ongoing source of inspiration and compassion.

The trials of Saint Terry are many — from kittens to a certain detective with a penchant for persistently creative interpretations of the rules. But perhaps his greatest came when his first children arrived. Such affection and love had he for his twin girls that he could not bear the thought of putting his life in danger. He could not risk missing a moment of their lives.

He spent more than a year in fear behind a desk — reacting to danger with a trigger-happy paranoia that made him a danger to himself and others in the field.

But Saint Terry’s fate did not await him behind a desk. Saint Terry’s life could not be subdued or ruled by fear. With the help and faith of his friends his bravery — tempered with wisdom — is now an example to us all.

Bless us, Saint Terry, and watch over us at work and at home.

The Prayer