Idols of Geekdom: Saint Phryne

Our Lady of Taking No Nonsense

Art by Jenny Slife

The Tale

There are many tales of the good Phryne — all instructive in their particular ways. She is the mistress of hunting down wrong doers, with an intrepid spirit, a fleetness of heels, a dashing wit, a lead foot and an enlightened sense of morality. Be it over cobbled streets or up the side of buildings, nothing can stop the irrepressible Saint Phryne as she champions the causes of women and the oppressed with flamboyant style.

She is heralded by two figures — the Stoic Hound and the Fierce Rabbit — and perhaps her greatest foe is the False Pharoah.

The False Pharoah stole Saint Phryne’s sister Jane — and alas, the child was lost. Phryne, bent upon justice for her flesh and blood — for her friend — hounded him into prison. Her vigilance did not cease, but the law’s did. The False Pharaoh escaped.

He escaped and began to terrorize his old companions in a mad search for immortality. Ah, but Phryne follows! She tracks him down with the Fierce Rabbit at her side. She pieces together the old story with the new. Finally she confronts him with the death of her sister.

But the False Pharaoh has designs on Saint Phryne’s life. With the lure of Truth he captures her and poisons her. Then, being overconfident, misjudging the marvelous capacity of the formidable Phryne — the False Pharaoh confesses all. Foolish foolish hubris! For Saint Phryne has deceived him! Phryne has her story, and with the help of Stoic Hound overcomes the False Pharaoh.

This is but one of the adventures, many extraordinary chases, escapes and thrilling tales of Saint Phryne and her heralds.

Saint Phryne