Idols of Geekdom: Saint Pettigrew

"I am not an expert in love. I am an expert in the lack of love."

The Story

Saint Pettigrew, patron of quick thinking, hope eternal and transformations, is a London saint. Daughter to a clergyman, caretaker and provocateur of children, friend and accidental people person.

The story of the holy Pettigrew begins with a job that is not what it seems. Between two wars, and with a sense of the world gone and the shifting world that is, she is lost. Desperate for work, our saint takes a daring chance and snatches opportunity from the jaws of rejection. In so doing, she fatefully meets The Actress.

The Actress stands at a pivotal crossroads and must choose between the Child, the Business Man and the Musician. The Child offers the chance of success, the Business Man offers stability and a spotlight, and the Musician offers love.

With Saint Pettigrew at her side, she chooses. And thus reminds us that no matter what corners we find ourselves in and consequences aside — there is always a choice to be made.


The Prayer

Idols of Geekdom: Saint Pettigrew

Words by Hanna. Art by Jenny.