Idols of Geekdom: Saint Olivia Dunham

Patron saint of escapes, sensible shoes, the bereaved and dimension hoppers.

Art by Jenny Slife

The Story

Let us hear a tale of Saint Olivia — she of escapes and sensible shoes. Her tales are many and varied, but her quest remains the same: to keep the world in one piece.

There are many dangers in tinkering — willingly or unwillingly — with the divisions between dimensions. Of which, being trapped in a dimension not your own is perhaps one of the most common, if least apocalyptic. Saint Olivia — always surrounded by Bishops — now faces the Vengeful Bishop.

This Vengeful Bishop’s nefarious scheme steals the memories from Saint Olivia — setting her to work as an unaware minion.

Trapped in a home that is not home, in a mind not her own, Saint Olivia is visited by a ghost of the Young Bishop. She begins to break free from the clutches of the Vengeful Bishop — to return to her self, if not yet her home.

Many are the sacrifices, big and small, that come with escaping back to her world. Many are the consequences of both capture and escape. May Saint Olivia help us to endure, to persist and to keep trying.

The Prayer

Saint Olivia


The Art is by Jenny. Words are by Hanna — with much consultation of Clarice and Cole.