Idols of Geekdom: Saint John Wick

Patron of Vengeance and Puppies

Art by Jenny Slife

The Story

Ah! The tale of Saint John Wick is one fraught with tragedy! Attend and hear his story!

Saint Wick bought his freedom with an impossibility — cheating the Devil and offering such sacrifices as were necessary to follow his heart. But his time of happiness was short. His wife, the love of his life, was taken from him.

Great soul that she was, she sent him a companion, a canine both loyal and adorable, to watch over Saint John in his hour of mourning. But fickle fate throws the Devil’s son in his path. Avarice! Thou furious specter! Spite! Thou unthinking arsonist! You gnaw the heart of the Devil’s Son with unabated fury, and the innocent pup Daisy perishes. Her blood is spilt before John Wick, and his course is set.

To speak truth, the rest is lead and blood and neon lights.

Become an inspired spirit of Vengeance with the death of Daisy, Saint John pursues the Devil and his Son. Through day and night, edifices sacred and profane, he pursues the Devil’s Son and with the help of a guardian angel and their sniper rifle the Son is laid low. He thinks all is ended.

But the Devil goes after the guardian angel, and another wrong is laid at the feet of Saint John Wick. He and the Devil contend — for one cannot live while the other survives — and the Devil is overcome.

The Prayer

Saint John Wick