Idols of Geekdom: Saint Jean-Luc Picard

Patron of Diplomacy, History and Tea

The Story

Saint Jean-Luc Picard begins his story in the 24th century — though his life crisscrosses both time and space. Born on earth, he dreamed of the stars and went forth to explore planets and frontiers unknown. Through courage, character and an obsession with archeology he rose to the rank of Captain of the Enterprise — that ship, which, phoenix-like, is forever reincarnated.

There are many tales of this holy captain, chronicled by many storytellers in many forms. But let us turn to perhaps the most daunting of his adventures and his enemies. Monsters come in many forms: both vindictive and careless, evil and well-intentioned. And what are the Borg, if not well-intentioned? That those intentions meant the destruction of all but themselves, is perhaps unmitigated by them being kindly meant.

Saint Picard encounters the Borg and their terrifying power, but stands firmly against them. Though resistance is futile the noble captain does not waver in his defense of humanity. But alas! Oh cruel plan that makes him one of them! The holy captain taken and assimilated!

And here, friends, is perhaps the greatest lesson of Saint Jean-Luc: for his shipmates and companions give up neither the defense of Earth nor the hope of rescuing their captain. Only a great man would have such excellent allies or inspire such faith and such friends.

Their faith is rewarded with the defeat of the Borg. Their faith returns their captain to them. And together they continue to boldly go where no one has gone before.

The Prayer