Idols of Geekdom: Saint Finn

We'll use the Force!

You can find Saint Poe Part One here.

Part Two

In which FN-2187 becomes Finn and a hero.


Attend me once again, our tale is not

Yet done. Tis time to find another man

To tread the stars with us in this most famed

Franchise. On Jakku now you’ve seen the blood,

The terror and destruction caused by young

And evil Kylo Ren and his minions.


Yet one abstains, one turns away and does

Not shoot his blaster when orders come

To fire. His hesitation earns the eyes

Of both commanders and Captain Phasma

Takes him in hand.


                     Oh unfortunate trooper!

Oh fearsome visage of titanium!

Phasma commands our nameless soldier

to report at once to her division.


But he — oh noble heart — will not submit.

Desperate ingenuity brings him

To our captive pilot, the valiant Poe.

The former stormtrooper — mind and body

now turned against those lords of evil

that sought to use him as an instrument

of death, injustice and vile oppression —  

Finds Poe and proposes daring escape:


“This is a rescue! Follow me and do

Precisely what I say. Together shall

You and I flee this prison far beyond

The grasping reach of this First Order scum.”


“The Resistance hath sent me aid!” Quoth Poe.

“No! No! I am to rescue you,” says he,

Whose loss his fellow troopers soon will feel,

“From tyranny’s chains I free thee! All paths

Across the stars are open wide to thee!

We shall go hence as brothers you and I!

Perchance can you — fair pilot — fly a TIE?”

“No one in this wide galaxy has built

A ship I could not fly! Let’s away! But —

Why do you seek to help me, friend? You aid

Is timely and your face most comely, but —

Why turn rebel? Why leave your life for me?”


“I seek to do what’s right,” says he, certain.

“A pilot is what you need,” says Poe, knowing

Too well that desp’rate look. “Fear not we two

Shall find our way past monochrome fascists

And tractor beams alike. Let’s go!” And so

These two unlikely friends make wary way

To where TIE fighters — row on row secured —

Await their next mission in orderly



                         Into the cockpit they climb,

And Poe with eager hands rouses the ship.

A cable tries to hold them back but lo —

They flee to the eternal night of space.

The First Order gives chase! TIEs scream behind,

Hunting the fugitives with swift vengeance.


“What is your name?” cries Poe, shouting over

His shoulder and the harsh sounds of battle.  

The trooper rattles off his letters and

numbers with the rapid ease of practice.


“What nonsense is this?” asks Poe annoyed. Then:

“I’ll not use such a name for you. F-N?

F-N…  I’ll call you Finn! What sayst thou, Finn?”


“Tis more to my liking then the numbers.”

Thus Finn is named! Now things must happen fast!

A well placed shot brings their TIE from the sky

And lands them back on barren Jakku sands.

The ship vanishes and so too does Poe.

So newly named young Finn is left alone,

Abandoned by his first and only friend.

But he has a hope now. And a jacket.

He sets out now to see what fate will bring.



Art is by Jenny Slife. The words are all Hanna’s fault.