Idols of Geekdom: Saint Claire Temple

Patron of the night, nurses and down on their luck superheroes

Art by Jenny Slife

The Story

The tale of Saint Claire is, like the lives of us mortals, a work in progress. Her story shall be revealed in time, and we shall walk with her on that path. Though it takes her alarmingly near the paths of the powered and the supernatural, Claire treds her path with conviction.

Once, late at night, Saint Claire came upon a man upon the trash heap. She might have walked on, and left the man. She might have called the police — for the man was masked and the circumstances most suspicious. She might have called the ambulance, and sent the matter beyond her own reach. Instead she helped to carry him inside and patched him up. She kept him secret.

Alas, that goodness does not always reap goodness, for this is the beginning of her trials.  She must hold her own in a land of demigods and demons.

The Prayer

Prayer to Saint Claire

Art by Jenny. Words by Hanna.