Idols of Geekdom: Leslie Knope

Patron Saint of organization, good government and waffles.

Saint Leslie Knope is a proud citizen of Pawnee (despite the location of her birth). Her tale is ongoing, as she seeks what is best for her friends and for Pawnee. Her adventures are many and have including marrying penguins, running for office, raising children and facing down librarians.

The Prayer

Saint Leslie, the hour is dark. The forces of greed, corruption and narcissism circle the institutions that ought to protect us and we are weary and divided. In the face of such peril, we call on you.

In the season of darkness, grant us determination. Grant us love for our hometowns, with all their quirks and characters. Grant us patience. Grant us staying power.

In the season of hunger, grant us waffles. Grant us whipped cream and breakfast foods and people to share all of these with.

In the season of chaos, let us never run short of binders. Give us the stamina to organize, to research, to seek the truth and be aggressive in its defense. May we always be able to distinguish facts from a point of view.

In the season of light and joy, give us unending enthusiasm. Grant us the insight which leads to extraordinary gifts. Grant us many friends and the means to surprise and spoil them. Grant us many people we like and many people we love.

Saint Leslie, watch out for us in the coming months and years. Care for us and help us to care for others.