Friday Jambalaya: Wine, X-Men, Meteorite Daggers & Dragon Babies!

What do all those things have in common? Nothing really, other than being in this link roundup together.

Wow! It’s been a week of BIG posts. We started off with Cole giving us an update on his quest to watch as much Star Trek as he possibly can before the new show premiers in January. Then, Cole and Clarice vented about X-Men Apocalypse. THEN, we posted our Moose Play and Complete Game Night for the awesome Above & Below and Jae finished us off for the week with his latest edition of the Kickstarter Board Game Roundup!

Like we said, BIG WEEK. We’re going to go take a bit of break now. Enjoy the links and have a fabulous weekend!

  1. There is a wine theme park in France. We repeat. Wine. Theme. Park. We want to go there. Now, please.
  2. Interesting article on the complicated and sometimes troubling side of fandom.
  3. And not one, but two responses to the above article.
  4. Noah Hawley’s X-Men kinda sorta spinoff Legion got ordered to series!
  5. Speaking of Noah Hawley: Here’s an interview where he talks about his shows and his latest book.
  6. And speaking of X-Men here’s an article that explores the ups and downs of the franchise.
  7. UnREAL got renewed for a third season before the second even aired!
  8. Here’s an article about Shakespeare and how he was fantastically strange.
  9. Apparently King Tut’s dagger was made from a meteorite?
  10. And finally: DRAGON BABIES!