Friday Jambalaya: Westerosi Pokemon, President Lynda Carter & Lots of Trek & Wars

December gives us a new Star Wars film and January a new Star Trek show - that's gonna be an awesome two months!

Well that’s another week down! Monday saw Hanna giving her thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones episode, “The Battle of the Bastards”. On Tuesday, we got a double posting with Brad’s Warriors of Virtue related thoughts in the latest Bad Movies with Brad AND Hanna did a post on the various games she tried at Origins. Wednesday, Jae continued our latest essay series with his greatest writing influences and, finally, Thursday rolled around and Cole binge reviewed the first season of Killjoys!

And now, since it’s Friday, LINKS!

  1. Speaking of Origins, here are the 2016 Origins Game Fair Award Winners!
  2. July 9th is a day of departures for Hamilton.
  3. A three season renewal gives us Archer through season ten!
  4. PLUS! There’s an Archer tabletop game, which we totally did not know about!
  5. In Star Wars news, here’s everything known about Rogue One so far (plus a crucial character will return)!
  6. On the Star Trek side of things, Bryan Fuller talks about some of the differences of airing on CBS All Access and hints at LGBT characters (hopefully) finally appearing in the Star Trek universe.
  7. Speaking of LGBT characters and Star Trek , here’s one essay, and another, about LGBT representation (or lack of it) in the franchise.
  8. Lynda Carter for President!
  9. A beautiful and haunting cover of ABBA’s “SOS”.
  10. And lastly, to start your weekend off on a truly random note, what if Pokémon existed in Game of Thrones?