Friday Jambalaya: Universal Translators, Janet van Dyne & a Fifth Force of Nature!

So the universal translator is awesome and everything but if we're talking Star Trek tech, where's my damn food replicator?!

We started this week off with another entry into Bad Movies with Brad where Brad discusses that true gem of a film,  Dragonball. Then, Jae continued looking at tabletop RPG systems by talking about great RPGs to play with children, Hanna gave us our next helping of Idols of Star Wars AND we put a spotlight on amazing artist Stephanie Frankiewicz!

It’s been a busy week! And, as usual, we’ve fried up the usual helping of links to get your weekend started right.

  1. The Rabid Puppies did not register their website name. So someone else did. The result is beautiful.
  2. The newly established Eugie Award will celebrate innovative short fiction and honor the memory of Eugie Foster.
  3. Janet van Dyne, the original Wasp, will soon be returning to grace comic book pages so make sure you brush up on her long and fascinating history!
  4. A rare trailer for Return of the Jedi!
  5. Speaking of Star Wars, some new artwork (including characters from Rogue One) was revealed at Star Wars Celebration Europe!
  6. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a Killer Moose favorite and this is an awesome article about said Moose fave.
  7. Netflix expands its already great influence!
  8. Apparently the universal translator from Star Trek is real!
  9. Did they not watch Interstellar?! 
  10. And finally, here’s the Honest Trailer for X-Men: The Animated Series.