Friday Jambalaya: Trailers, Video Games, Revivals & Last Songs

And here we are, once more at a Friday! This week we posted our Complete Geek Night for the winter season and a new Moose Chat all about our least favorite adaptations.

And, of course, links!

  1. Miles Morales is getting an animated Spider-Man movie!
  2. The first Colossal trailer is here!
  3. There might be one last song from George Michael.
  4. Check out the trailer for the Call of Cthulhu video game.
  5. We’re getting a Good Omens TV mini series next year, courtesy of Amazon.
  6. Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch.
  7. The artist who created the Obama ‘Hope’ posters is back with a beautiful new art series.
  8. This robot communicates only in animated gifs.
  9. Check out the Obama Foundation. Watch the video. Add your voice.
  10. And finally, Will & Grace is getting a revival!