Friday Jambalaya: The Last One of 2016!

Fare thee well 2016. We cannot claim you will be missed.

Before we get into anything else today we have to take a moment to express our sadness over the deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Both wonderful women who fought for both themselves and others. They will be sorely missed.

Today is the last Friday of the year and so we’re going to do this a little bit different from most Fridays. We’re going to review this week’s posts (obviously) but then we’re going to run through the Moose’s favorite posts from the past year (that’s right – you read correctly – we’ve been doing this for almost a whole year!).


And then we’re going to do ten links, as usual. But! They will be the ten happiest fucking links we can find form the entire past year’s worth of links because 2016 has been one hellfire of a year (and 2017 isn’t necessarily going to be a hell of a lot better) and the past week, in particular, has been incredibly sad. So we’re going to end the year with some happy!

So on that note…

This week Cole and Clarice talked (or, rather, ranted) about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story for their final Impolite Conversation of the year! And then we gave out our first annual Moosie Awards! Part One went up on Monday and Part Two was posted earlier today.

And now…

The Moose’s top posts of 2016!

Brad’s top post came from Bad Movies with Brad, his ongoing series exploring the best of bad film. There were many to choose from but Bad Movies with Brad: Masters of Stupidity took the top spot!

Over in Impolite Conversation, Cole and Clarice rant and rave about film (and on one occasion television) that stirs up their feels. Their favorite entry of 2016 was Man, Do We Need to Talk About U.N.C.L.E.

As much as Cole loved writing reviews for Agent Carter and other shows, his favorite post is easily The Power of the Force (Awakens).

Earlier this year, the Moose did a series outlining their personal Rules of Storytelling. For Hanna, her Rules were her favorite post of the year.

For Clarice, despite an Oscar Derby and many other articles, her angry, hilarious recaps of 11.22.63 were her favorite thing of the year!

And finally, we have our Idols of Geekdom, those beloved characters who we deem worthy of sainthood. This was tough because we adore each and every one of these characters, but we feel we have to put forth Geoffrey Tennant, our patron saint of artists and madmen, as our top Idol of the year!

On to the happiest or most amusing links we could find!

  1. It was a year of strange thieves: Cheese, Cacti and Avocados!
  2. Ursula Vernon’s potato rant is still a thing of immense beauty.
  3. Puppy that crossed the Gobi Desert! Puppies and Kitties!
  4. Wine theme park! Vineyard-guarding ducks!
  5. Goats Yelling Like Humans! Portraits of goats!
  6. Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards: The Finalists.
  7. Miike Snow’s Genghis Khan music video!
  8. Two entire hours of Steven Universe music!
  9. Star Wars mashed up with North by Northwest! Star Trek: The Animated Series mashed up with Archer!
  10. And because we just love this little video: A MARCHING BAND OF ADORABLE ANIMATED CATS.

And that’s all for 2016 folks! Keep on singin’ in the rain and may the Force be with you.