Friday Jambalaya: The Defenders, a Documentary & a Medal of Freedom

And have a very happy, awesome relaxing weekend!

And somehow, we’re nearly halfway through January already! Another week gone means it’s time for our weekly Friday Jambalaya. The Golden Globes took place this past Sunday, officially kicking off the awards season which means, of course, Clarice is back with her Oscar Derby! Check out her first post, on the Golden Globes ceremony. Also this week, Brad gave us his first Bad Movies with Brad of 2017!

And now, of course, we have some links for you!

  1. None of us had dry eyes after watching President Obama surprise Vice-President Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  2. Disney is already in negotiations with Carrie Fisher’s estate about her continued appearance in the Star Wars franchise.
  3. American Horror Story got renewed through season 9.
  4. Entertainment Weekly is giving us our first glimpse into Netflix’s big Marvel crossover series, The Defenders.
  5. National Geographic put a transgender girl on their cover.
  6. Apparently season five of Arrested Development is almost definitely happening?!
  7. This article covers a few different topics but the important part (to us at least) is that Fargo will be back in April!
  8. The BBC is making another Terry Pratchett documentary.
  9. Gandalf’s journey as told in gorgeous art posters.
  10. Looking for some reading material for 2017? Here are 30 indie press titles to keep an eye out for!