Friday Jambalaya: Steven Universe, Hercules Mulligan, Patrick Stewart & a New Iron Man

Plus some gorgeous photographs, a bit of Star Trek and the Juno probe

And now we’re into July! This month kicks off the new reduced schedule for the Moose. Jae started us off this week with July’s Kickstarter roundup and then Brad finished off our series on Writing Influences with a fifth and final post!

And now it’s the weekend so have some links!

  1. National Geographic Photographer of the Year 2016 Contest winners!
  2. The Juno probe entered into orbit around Jupiter after a five year journey.
  3. Get to know about Chalice, an awesome new transgender superhero.
  4. Speaking of awesome new superheroes, Marvel’s new Iron Man is a black teenage girl!
  5. In super exciting news we have a lot more Steven Universe coming our way this month!
  6. An article on Hercules Mulligan because we are super giant Hamilton nerds.
  7. A fascinating profile on Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, creator of the hit show UnREAL.
  8. Artist Lisa Swerling creates beautiful and tiny book-themed dioramas!
  9. Star Trek Beyond will FINALLY give us a gay character within the Star Trek universe in the form of Hikaru Sulu!
  10. And finally, for your weekend pleasure, Patrick Stewart goes country for charity!