Friday Jambalaya: Star Wars, Bearded Men in Kimonos, Peggy Carter & More Star Wars

Did we mention Star Wars?

You’re going to notice a bit of a bias in our links this week. For which we are not ashamed. Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy:

  1. The charming folks over at Hodderscape have a list of 175 things they (mostly) loved about The Force Awakens. And that’s wonderful.
  2. If you are a writer… Writing Excuses (Hugo Award Winning Podcast!) just finished their “Master Class” season and it’s all available starting here. Great place to start, awesome podcast and hey… this is the year you write the novel, right? 🙂
  3. We got shiny new portraits for Agent Carter… Squee!
  4. The internet has exploded with so much wonderful fanmade Star Wars wonder and prettiness — here are a couple lists… and Hanna’s pinterest board.
  5. If you haven’t gotten your 2016 calendar yet (or even if you have), please seriously consider one featuring bearded men in silky kimonos.
  6. Here are a few board games that Jae is also eyeing on Kickstarter.
  7. One of our favorite authors has a column in the NYT! It’s going to feature SFF! YAY!
  8. And we have a review as argument by Mallory Ortberg that made us super happy. Her Kyp Durron comments blew Cole’s mind.
  9. We are Shakespeare nerds. This will become more apparent as the site continues. Tor has a lovely article about what actually makes Romeo and Juliet amazing.
  10. And, just in cast the internet has you down: 2015 was pretty great. Here’s to 2016!