Friday Jambalaya: Snowflakes, Sad Things, Shakespeare and Just a Little Star Wars

Raise your morning beverage to Jareth and Snape

It’s been… a week.

  1. We join the internet in mourning David Bowie. We join the internet in mourning Alan Rickman. ;-;
  2. Winter came late to us in Ohio, but now it is HERE. Here’s Alexey Kljatov’s gorgeous images of snowflakes to make us feel better about the unsalted roads.
  3. This year is the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. As such there shall be much Shakespeare. We are pleased.
  4. Speaking of which: A production of the Tempest with a projected 3D Ariel done with live motion capture? Yes. Yes, please.
  5. This Kylo Ren and Chewbacca comic is… well. Go look. Warning: May break your heart a little.
  6. And if you need something Star Wars flavored, but a bit more cheerful: Emo Kylo Ren and Lonely Luke had a Twitter spat.
  7. We at Killer Moose are split on the great Tea/Coffee Conflict, but this is super cool. If you’re into tea.
  8. There may be a bunch of new Robin Hood movies soon. We have feels about gritty Robin Hood.
  9. In our interview, Laura Garabedian pointed us toward Ursula Vernon‘s work — which we love — and this look at her journal is humbling and happy making.
  10. It’s a good thing this is coming out later this year. Anthropomorphic animal actors competing on a tiny cardboard stage? Cole is in! The rest of us probably are too.