Friday Jambalaya: Shakespeare’s Stolen Skull, Endangered Wine & RAINBOWS

We're really super scared about the wine guys. Like really. We can't lose our wine.

IT’S FRIDAY. We’ve scrounged up some links to get you through the weekend. Have at them!

  1. To start things off, here’s a great series of tweets from Genevieve Valentine on Queerness in Media.
  2. Over in the world of games, Telltale has announced season three of The Walking Dead game series!
  3. In very serious news, our wine might be in trouble (not for a while BUT STILL).
  4. Two strange bits of superhero news. One, Amazon is reviving The Tick. Two, there might be a Captain Britain show in the works?
  5. STAR WARS! Also two things. One, deleted scenes from The Force Awakens got teased (the Killer Moose don’t really believe in deleted scenes but we totally watched this anyway). Two, here’s the first official trailer for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens!
  6. Oh, and Shakespeare’s skull might be missing from his grave.
  7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine got renewed for a fourth season which makes a very happy group of Killer Moose.
  8. Have an adorable Star Trek toy for you very own nerd child.
  9. Go Marvel, Disney, NFL and AMC.
  10. And finally, at the end of a week full of gut-wrenching news of all kinds from all directions, we give you cuteness and rainbows. It doesn’t fix anything but it sure makes us feel a little bit better. Have penguins (with rainbow flags), a dog who is a surrogate father to baby cheetahs and rainbow fish!