Friday Jambalaya: Pride, Lovecraft, Zelda & Norse Mythology!

Goodbye June. Hello July!

Well that’s June! And the Moose finished it out in style with a season six finale review for Game of Thrones, Clarice’s Writing Influences (the fourth in a series of essays), Prayers for the Dark Side (part of Idols of Star Wars) and Cole’s fourth progress update on his Trekification.

It’s been an exciting month and we’re all looking forward to July! But in the meantime…LINKS!

  1. June was Pride Month. It may be over but that’s no reason to not keep celebrating Pride! Here are 25 LGBTQ+ themed children’s books as well as 7 LGBTQ+ comics!
  2. It’s also Shark Week so Honest Trailers took on Jaws.
  3. We’ve learned a bit more about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild thanks to E3 2016.
  4. In Star Trek news, Rihanna launched her tie-in music video for Star Trek Beyond PLUS Humble Bundle is is doing a Star Trek themed comics bundle!
  5. Justin Trudeau is on the front of a Marvel comic!
  6. Neil Gaiman is tackling Norse mythology with a novelistic retelling of the stories of the Norse gods.
  7. Lovecraft meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Calla Cthulhu.
  8. The first new American play for the current Broadway season is all about a gay man searching for love (starring Gideon Glick).
  9. Celebrities pay tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting with a video.
  10. And if you’re looking for some fun books to read over the weekend, have some recommendations!