Friday Jambalaya: Pigeons, Horse Suits & “Bunny & Kitty being best friends, together forever…

the fun never ends. Solving mysteries one hug at a time, Bunny & Kitty, two of kind!"

And, once more, it’s Friday! And that means a link roundup!

  1. In the wonderful world of games, Killer Moose favorite Dead of Winter is getting an expansion, available for pre-order now! If you haven’t already seen our Moose Play on this amazing board game, check it out!
  2. Animals are being fabulous this week. Pigeons are fighting pollution in London and there’s a horse in a  three-piece suit. Need we say anything else?
  3. Marvel’s Luke Cage got a premier date!
  4. This does not bode well for Star Trek Beyond (though we do love Shohreh Aghdashloo).
  5. None of the Moose watch The 100 but this in a very well written article about the relationship between a show and its audience and the continuing issues of LGBTQ representation in media. 
  6. Though, this news about the Xena reboot does give us hope (even if we question the reboot’s necessity).
  7. Speaking of unnecessary things…there’s going to be a fifth Indiana Jones film!
  8. Patrick Stewart does scary and we are suitably terrified.
  9. Lovecraft and Houdini make quite the team up. There’s a film or show in there somewhere…Patrick Stewart should be in it!
  10. And finally, here’s some bright color and joy to officially kick off your weekend. That’s right, it’s the trailer for season two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!