Friday Jambalaya: Our Queer Planet, Calamity, and a Red Carpet Rampage

'Calamity' is a book. There's no actual calamity waiting for you here. We hope.

We’ve done it again. We’ve reached another Friday without the world ending. Well done, humanity! Here are links for you!

  1. Let us all take a moment to be grateful for the return of John Oliver. And to register to vote.
  2. The end of the Oscar Derby is in sight. Here: Have some more The Revenant thoughts. Some of these sound familiar
  3. Or, if this is more your speed: You can play Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage. Nay, you should play it. Race Fassbender and Cranston down the red carpet and ACT HARDER!
  4. In other game things: Hanna’s favorite obsession is coming to Steam. Fly well Ninjas and follow the way of N. Plus plus.
  5. I’m sure we can manage without Episode VIII things. It’ll be okay. The withdrawal won’t be so — Ah! Casting News! Yes!
  6. Oh… Guardians of the Galaxy 2’s cast is also growing.
  7. Brandon Sanderson wraps up his second trilogy in less than a month. Most impressive.
  8. Maybe we spoke too soon on the end of the world thing. And the rivers shall boil
  9. The spec pic magazine Strange Horizons issued a call for submissions for “month long celebration of queer SF from around the world”. Read them. Love them.
  10. Since there was nothing Valentine-sy last week: here is a LEGO Clockwork heart. For you.