Friday Jambalaya: Ocean Master, The Raven, Star Trek & Melty Cheese

The weather outside is frightful and we'd honestly just much rather be under a big fluffy warm blanket right now. Maybe with a fire. Or at least a space heater. With a video game or something on the TV. And something hot to drink. That sounds just about damn perfect. Alas.

attends the premiere of AMC's "Fear The Walking Dead" Season 2 at Cinemark Playa Vista on March 29, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

And it’s Friday! A snowy Friday here where the Moose all live. So we’re either battened down under a fluffy blanket or reluctantly getting in the car to drive through streets we hope have been plowed. Either way, we’re so very ready for the weekend.

But before we go into weekend hibernation, let’s review the week, shall we? This week we got this month’s Bad Movies with Brad. And what better way to honor December but by talking about the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special? And then, also in keeping with the holiday spirit, the Moose gathered to chat about their favorite and least favorite holiday movies.

And, of course, we have links!

  1. Star Trek: Discovery FINALLY announced the casting of it’s lead (and some Klingons)!
  2. In other casting news, Patrick Wilson is set to be the Orm to Jason Momoa’s Aquaman.
  3. 2017 Golden Globe nominations!
  4. And the SAG nominations too!
  5. Neil Gaiman reads The Raven in front of a roaring fire.
  6. Rare Studio Ghibli film, Ocean Waves, finally get a (limited) theatrical release in the States.
  8. A great article on how “Most Movies Are Just Okay”.
  9. Pokemon Go is adding the next generation of Pokemon.
  10. And finally, because honestly how could we not: CAR-LICKING MOOSE.