Friday Jambalaya: Nightwing, Earth Sized Planets & Oscar Isaac Doing Shakespeare

A very extremely and wonderfully happy Friday to you!

And here we are at the last Friday of February! As we prepare to welcome the month of March peruse this week’s posts and then join us as we kick back for the weekend with a batch of links!

  1. NASA just discovered a star with six earth sized planets in orbit!
  2. The second season of The Get Down got a premier date!
  3. And so did American Gods!
  4. Want a hoverboard?
  5. Nightwing is heading for the big screen, courtesy of the Lego Batman director!
  6. More Mass Effect: Andromeda information (particularly about the combat)!
  7. Oscar Isaac. Shakespeare. Nothing else needs to be said.
  8. Wait. It got better.
  9. A new understanding of physics may be required?
  10. And finally…TINY FROGS!