Friday Jambalaya: Nebulas, Catacombs and Cactus Thieves!

Also potatoes. We're now afraid for the potatoes.

Dance the dance of Friday! Friends and foes alike rejoice, for we’re nearly to the weekend. Allow us to provide a few links to speed you on your way:

  1. Let us begin with cactus thieves!
  2. Let us continue with a highly entertain and educational rant from Ursula Vernon on the potato apocalypse. Which we all now take very seriously.
  3. We lost Harper Lee this week.
  4. Daredevil continues to tease us with trailers. Last week it was Punisher and now we’re getting more hints at Elektra and The Hand.
  5. Nebula nominations came out! So many pretty books! And short stories! And novella– wait, novelettes too? It’s all pretty cool.
  6. Let’s add a little Agent Carter to this mix.
  7. This is a lovely reminder that we should all read more Diana Wynne Jones, the fairy godmother of fantasy. In case you’re not familiar, she was also a mentor to Neil Gaiman.
  8. Squee for more adaptations! A Wrinkle in Time news!
  9. Just a quick update from 7th Sea: It’s the best funded tabletop game on Kickstarter. Ever.
  10. Shut Up and Sit Down Play Catacombs! >.> Which wasn’t at all what we were going to play in April. Not at all.