Friday Jambalaya: Michelle Yeoh, New Mutants, Drunk History & the Gilmore Girls!

May your weekend be full of leftover turkey and pie!

Gilmore Girls

And it is Friday once more! And the end of November. And Thanksgiving is over. 2016 is certainly rocketing its way towards the end of the year.

But fear not! Time may be moving scarily fast, but the Moose are here as usual with our articles, rambles and, of course, an end-of-week jambalaya!

This week we gathered for another Moose Chat, this time about Downplaying Love, and Brad gave us his latest Bad Movies with Brad, this time talking about Howard the Duck.

And, of course, links! Click and enjoy.

  1. Michelle Yeoh is rumoured to be boarding Star Trek Discovery!
  2. Bid on Gilmore Girls stuff! The money is going to Syrian refugees.
  3. Have you seen the poster for Alien: Covenant yet?
  4. Are you ready for the next Star Wars? Tickets for Rogue One go on sale next week!
  5. A first hint at what might be going on in Fox’s New Mutants film.
  6. The soundtrack for Black Mirror’s “San Junipero” will be released next month!
  7. Food for thought: First Contact is the greatest Star Trek film of the last 20 years.
  8. The cast and creators of Gilmore Girls talk the biggest moments of the series.
  9. Have a sneak peak at Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Drunk History!
  10. And to send you off into the weekend: Ashanti and Ja Rule reunite with “Helpless” from the Hamilton Mixtape!