Friday Jambalaya: Kate McKinnon, Nathan Fillion & Coretta Scott King

Have a truly wonderful weekend everyone. Stay strong and be awesome.

And here we are at another Friday. On Monday, Clarice presided over the next round of her Oscar Derby, this time talking about the Directors Guild Awards and then Brad got us over that mid-week hump with his latest Bad Movies with Brad!

And now, because it’s Friday, links!

  1. Kate McKinnon is the new voice of Ms. Frizzle!
  2. Netflix is making a Castlevania TV show.
  3. Nathan Fillion is set to guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  4. The connection between ancient legend and myth and the modern superhero.
  5. The words of Coretta Scott King.
  6. Hidden Figures beats out La La Land in the domestic box office.
  7. Read the full text for the Ninth Circuit’s Decision on the Travel Ban.
  8. Close up images of Jupiter’s south pole.
  9. The Han Solo movie is looking to cast another main character.
  10. Help the National Parks!