Friday Jambalaya: Hugo Awards, Fan Trailers, Custom Meeples & Sand Cats!

We are so very ready to weekend. It is going to be the weekendiest of weekends.

Once more it is Friday! The Moose have Mondayed with more Kylux cut scenes, then we Tuesdayed, Cole and Clarice Wednesdayed with their latest Impolite Conversation and then, yesterday, we Thursdayed and are now so very ready for the weekend. But! We have one more task before that begins: Links!

That’s right, have your Friday Jambalaya of links and frolic on to your well-deserved weekend!

  1. The Hugo Awards were announced this week!
  2. Some thoughts and feels on Star Trek: Discovery.
  3. A James Bond style title sequence for The Empire Strikes Back.
  4. Where do those essential science fiction terms originate? This article explains it all.
  5. Some books are fantasy in disguise.
  6. A beautiful fan-made trailer for Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice (a Moose favorite).
  7. A fascinating part one in an article about Islam in western cinema.
  8. Want to upgrade your gaming experience with custom meeples? Check out this awesome Kickstarter.
  9. Chuck Wendig on Why I Stopped Reading Your Book.
  10. And finally…SAND KITTY.