Friday Jambalaya: Happiness, Goats, Happy Things & Kitties.

Happy thing happy things happy things happy things happy things happy things

So we’re a wee bit late with this post today (a thousand Moose apologies). This week, we rounded up some interesting Kickstarter campaigns for you to check out and Cole and Clarice gave their thoughts on Marvel’s latest film outing, Doctor Strange.

It’s been a week of tension and emotions. So for this week’s jambalaya we’ve gathered together ten (mostly) happy things.

  1. Goats yelling like people.
  2. A letter to America from Leslie Knope.
  3. Remember there is a camel out there named Alexander Camelton.
  4. Also remember, there is a wine theme park in France.
  5. Adorable dogs and cats.
  6. Once more, the finalists for the comedy wildlife photography awards .
  7. It may have gotten lost amidst other election events, but six women did make history.
  8. Kitties.
  9. If you have some money spare, in any amount – please donate.
  10. A lastly, an adorable parade of cats to get you through the weekend.