Friday Jambalaya: Florence Kasumba, Terry Pratchett, Ahsoka Tano & So Much Wonderful Star Wars

Plus 50 Years of Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Uncanny Magazine & did we mention Star Wars?

This week, Jae talked about the specifics of building a character (specifically a barbarian) in the wonderful RPG world of Seventh Sea and then Brad wrote all about his thoughts and feels for Netflix’s Stranger Things.

The rest of the Moose spent the week grazing for links just for you! This week was also Star Wars Celebration Europe so a great many of the links are Star Wars related. But we assume this isn’t actually a problem!

  1. As we said, this shall be a Star Wars heavy post, so let’s start with something Star Trek related, shall we? This year marks the franchise’s 50th anniversary and 50 artists found the perfect way to celebrate and honor the iconic show!
  2. Now to the Star Wars. First up, we finally have 100% confirmation for the casting of young Han Solo!
  3. Star Wars Celebration Europe also hosted a panel all about fan-favorite character Ahsoka Tano of The Clone Wars and Rebels fame, filling in unknown parts of her story.
  4. Speaking of Star Wars Rebels, the trailer for season 3 debuted at SWCE and not only does it looks awesome it also revealed some interesting tidbits of the now dubbed Star Wars Legends making their way over into the new canon!
  5. PLUS, a virtual reality movie starring Darth Vader (that will also be part of the new canon)!
  6. In news not about Star Wars, it looks like the new Ghostbusters film is already lined up for a sequel!
  7. Uncanny Magazine is kickstarting its third year. It’s an awesome magazine full of wonderful science fiction and fantasy so if you have a few spare dollars they are a worthy investment!
  8. The Jim Henson Company is adapting Terry Pratchett’s Wee Free Men into a feature length film!
  9. The best science fiction and fantasy stories of 2016 have been chosen!
  10. And to jettison you into the weekend with a bit of drop dead fabulous, here’s the latest look at Florence Kasumba as the Wicked Witch of the East in NBC’s upcoming Emerald City.