Friday Jambalaya: First Looks, Visual Effects, Thandie Newton & LEGION!

If you take anything away from this week's jambalaya let it be that you should go watch Legion. We really liked Legion. A lot. Go watch it. It's really f*ucking good.

And somehow, we have come to the end of yet another week and once more it’s Friday with an Oscar Derby update and an Impolite Conversation behind us. On top of that we’re suddenly over halfway through February.

We know. We’re shocked too to be perfectly honest. Our current hypothesis is that time is trying its damnedest to move as quickly as possible.

But not so quickly that we didn’t have some time to gather up some links for your weekend. Click and enjoy.

  1. We got our first look at Avengers: Infinity War!
  2. Watch the evolution of visual effects in Oscar movies that won for (you guessed it) visual effects!
  3. LEGION! (We reeeeeally liked Legion.)
  4. Thandie Newton might be in the Han Solo movie? Yes please and thank you very much!
  5. The BAFTAs were this week! Check out Clarice’s thoughts on the winners as part of her Oscar Derby.
  6. Coders saving science!
  7. As if we needed another reminder of how amazing John Oliver is…
  8. Get back on our television screens Hayley Atwell!
  9. David Bowie wins five Grammys posthumously.
  10. The search for Planet 9 continues!