Friday Jambalaya: Emmy Awards, Book Awards, Board Game Awards & Other Links That Aren’t About Awards!

Seriously though, we promise, not all the links are about awards.

This week Olivia Dunham joined the ranks of our Idols of Geekdom and Hanna gave us her thoughts and feels and squees on Marco Polo!

Now have some links:

  1. The 2016 Emmy Nominations were announced this week (and we are very happy to see so many Moose favorites up for awards).
  2. Plus, Dice Tower announced its awards for the best board games of 2015 (also featuring several Moose favorites).
  3. And in even more awards news (but for books this time) the 2016 World Fantasy Award nominations have been announced!
  4. Speaking of board games, Gen Con is fast approaching and here are some excellent games that will be at the convention for purchase and playtesting.
  5. This planet has Tatooine beat when it comes to suns!
  6. As we’re sure you already know, there are massive changes happening in the Broadway cast of Hamilton.
  7. Fall is going to be a pretty awesome time for Marvel comic readers!
  8. In other Marvel news: looks like we might get another X-Men inspired tv show from Marvel (in addition to Noah Hawley’s Legion.
  9. We haven’t seen the new Ghostbusters film yet (we shall be rectifying this soon!) but here’s an interview with the director, Paul Feig.
  10. And finally, have this amazing mashup of Star Trek: The Animated Series and Archer to get your weekend started with a laugh.