Friday Jambalaya: Dancers, Shakespeare Folios & Lovecraft Monsters

Poe Dameron is going to be Hamlet, guys. We just can't even.

It’s Friday, it’s been a long week, so have yourself some links!

(We were going to have a link to the Rogue One trailer but we went and did a whole post, didn’t we?)

  1. Let’s start with something wonderful, shall we? This amazing ballet company is putting queer and trans dancers at the center of classic tales!
  2. Just in time for the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death a new first folio has been discovered!
  3. And speaking of Shakespeare, Oscar Isaac will be starring in one of the bard’s most well known plays.
  4. Marvel and Netflix’s Iron Fist has cast its Colleen Wing!
  5. In other Marvel news, Cloak and Dagger are headed to television!
  6. In the age of social media and streaming services fan engagement is a big part of the entertainment industry. It can be good, and bad. This essay has an interesting take on the relationship between a show and its fans.
  7. There’s a new Doctor Who spinoff in the works so you should probably meet the main cast!
  8. Back to the Future is not only getting a game by none other than Telltale but its also getting a new comic book series!
  9. And speaking of comics, never before published in the US Star Trek comics are coming you way!
  10. And finally, have some medieval style artwork featuring Lovecraft style monsters.