Friday Jambalaya: Captain Marvel, Discovery, Black Mirror & Animals Licking Things!

And it was SDCC this past week so there are A LOT of Marvel related links. We do not apologize.

This week was mainly about one thing for the Moose: Star Trek! Cole started things off with an update on his Trekification and then he and Clarice posted their latest Impolite Conversation, this time talking about Star Trek Beyond.

But the Moose did take a break from Star Trek this week to watch a bunch of trailers released at San Diego Comic Con and give some rapid-fire reactions!

But now! To the links!

  1. Let’s start off with something super-happy-making, shall we: Brie Larson is the new Captain Marvel!
  2. In Other Marvel news, Daredevil season three was announced (along with teases of Iron Fist and The Defenders) but we won’t be getting more of our masked vigilante or Jessica Jones until 2018.
  3. In EVEN MORE Marvel news, we got more cast and character details for Black Panther and released its logo (plus others)!
  4. The legendary Marni Nixon died this week.
  5. The lineup for the latest season of Black Mirror, now brought to you by Netflix, was announced.
  6. Here’s a dose of random: Lifetime is remaking Beaches. With Idina Menzel.
  7. An interview with Werner Herzog about the future of film and Pokemon Go.
  8. We got a name for the new Star Trek show premiering in January: Star Trek: Discovery!
  9. The universe is a really, really big place.
  10. And finally, to start your weekend off with a bit of animal adorableness, have a bunch of them licking windows.