Friday Jambalaya: Baby Camel, Some Facts About Fish & a Very Heroic Dog

Don't know about you but we're doing the "It's Friday!" dance here at Moose HQ.

So this week Hanna started things off with her thoughts so far on season six of Game of Thrones. Then, we got a brand shiny new Bad Movies with Brad (all about Streetfighter this time)! Next, we published the first of a series about the Moose’s writing influences (Hanna started things off there as well) and, finally, Cole gave his thoughts on season one of Dark Matter (which he binged).

And now, as per the glorious tradition of Fridays, we give you links!

  1. Alexander Camelton.
  2. In sadder animal news, the last known September 11th search dog, Bretagne, died at age sixteen.
  3. The British Fantasy Awards announced their 2016 shortlist!
  4. Some awesome casting news for Pacific Rim 2.
  5. A fantastic article, “In Defense of Unlikable Women”, by Kameron Hurley.
  6. Men do stereotypical pin-up poses!
  7. Fish can apparently recognize human faces? And here’s the study to prove it.
  8. The first official Star Trek podcast is launching super soon!
  9. This new edition of Mort by Terry Pratchett from the Folio Society is absolutely gorgeous.
  10. And finally, because one Hamilton-related link is just not enough, have some wondrous Hamilton fan art!