Friday Jambalaya: Avocado Thieves, Wonder Woman and Quite a Bit of Star Trek

Seriously though. There's a black market for avocados.

Hanna started us off this week by giving us her thoughts and feels on the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Then we declared Claire Temple, of Daredevil fame, one of our Idols of Geekdom on Tuesday. Wednesday, Jae gave us his latest thoughts and recommendations on tabletop RPGs. And finally, Cole posted the second chapter in our Writing Influences series on Thursday!

And now, for Friday, LINKS!

  1. The Tony Awards were this week! Here’s the complete list of winners.
  2. Nintendo announced the title of the latest Zelda game.
  3. And there was some low-key naval warfare on the Thames.
  4. Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th birthday this year in all sorts of amazing ways!
  5. Check out this Kickstarter for Hidden Youth, an anthology of speculative fiction and the sequel to the wonderful Long Hidden.
  6. There’s an awesome book that’s all about Star Trek coming out soon PLUS Star Trek barbies!
  7. Universal announced a release date for its film adaptation of Broadway hit Wicked.
  8. Nebula winner Naomi Novik’s latest book just came out and the early reviews are positive!
  9. The Moose just discovered this website, Rejected Princesses, and it is full of AWESOME.
  10. And, finally, avocado thieves!